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Shulli Goitein, designer and creator of ShulliDesign Jewelry

Born in the US and raised in Israel. My first jewelry making experience began as a teenager apprentice to a jeweler in the heart of Jerusalem. After the army I completed my BFA in Jewelry and Accessory Design with honors at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. There I fell in love with the fantastic world of shoe making. This lead to my relocation to Italy to start a 15-year career in footwear design. I kick-started at SAX in Tuscany, continued to the US with Cole-Haan and Keds and then returned home to my family in Israel and joined Naot footwear.

As a senior designer for Naot I was put in charge of the innovation and sustainability team for the development of accessories and details using only remnants of leather.

My background as a jewelry and footwear designer created a passion for inventing new methods to manipulate leather. This resulted in exciting three-dimensional surface designs followed by great success to Naot footwear. After my Two beautiful children were born I decided it was time to start designing for myself and be close to home. I combined the two things I love to make, jewelry and shoes, and set forth to design a contemporary Jewelry line created completely from leather.

ShulliDesign is a jewelry line created for women who enjoy making their own statement.

My work is entirely hand made using Italian luxury leathers, it is produced at my studio in Hod Hasharon, Israel.

I get inspired by modern architectural structures and natural forms focusing on  Biomimicry . I start by hand sketching my ideas , then translate them into patterns on my computer.

My forms follow the material, rather than the conventional "form follows function" industrial design concept. I try to test the limits of what leather can do. I cut and twist the leather, heat it up to get voluminous shapes or select shades that create a 3D illusion effect. The gold and silver leathers I use mimic precious metals used in classic jewelry so the pieces are easy to grasp and are surprisingly pleasing to wear.

Because of my background as a footwear designer, I use traditional shoe modeling techniques on a mannequin in order to turn my 2D designs into 3D pieces to achieve a perfect ergonomic fit on the body.

ShulliDesign statement pieces are ultra-light-weight and comfortable and have easy to wear beautiful magnetic clasp and hypoallergenic earring posts.


Have a look around, find something you love, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

♥ Shulli Goitein



Israel Museum shop, Jerusalem

Erets Israel Museum shop, Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv Museum shop, Tel-Aviv


2019  ChomerTov  gallery, Tel-Aviv. Israel

2019 Rothchild gallery, Tel-Aviv. Israel

2018 SculptureToWear Inedible show, LA. USA

2017 Wizo fundraising Gala, LA. USA